I'll Take You To The Airport

by Andy Lewis



released March 26, 2015

Written and performed by Andy Lewis. Produced by Andy Lewis. Recorded at Garden Room Studios, Bassetlaw and mixed at The Roscoe Street Hit Factory, January 2015.



all rights reserved


Andy Lewis UK

Andy Lewis plays bass and occasional cello for Paul Weller, The Red Inspectors, Spearmint, Pimlico and some others. He also writes, records, produces and remixes, and DJs wherever there's call for his dusty old 45s. He's released two and a bit solo albums for Acid Jazz records and is planning a third- maybe this year. While we're waiting for it, here's some music... ... more

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Track Name: I'll Take You To The Airport
You say that it's excessive regulation that's holding back the economy, that's stopping homes from being built, that's keeping people poor- rather than the greed of the few as they add to their fortunes at the expense of the many. And you say that a rise in wages or corporation tax would make businesses uncompetitive, that more money for welfare payments would make people more feckless and less responsible and that our National Health Service ought to be generating profits for corporations rather than being run for the benefit of all. And then you say that you couldn't stay in the UK if a government was elected with a mandate for social justice. You'd rather move to another country where your talent for wealth creation would be better valued and Great Britain would be poorer as a result. But do you know what? I don't share your opinion. Yeah, I don't think Britain would miss you at all; and furthermore. on the day we get such a government I'll even take you to the airport.
Track Name: The Age Of Unpleasantness
There's no flicker of emotion, no trace of empathy flits across your face, talking tough for the television announcing a new initiative...this is the dawning of the age of unpleasantness, taking control of the news and marginalizing our views. The unkind, ignorant and prejudiced set the agenda and no-one seems to care. Plumbing the depths of public opinion, bring on the bigoted and the mad...this is the dawning of the age of unpleasantness, desperate, artless and mean, trampling over our dreams, poisoning all of our pride, forcing us all to take sides, turning up the level of the fear threshold, ramping up the pressure on our sanity with yet another conspiracy, cutting things down to the bone, throwing us out of our homes, kicking us all when we're down, pricing us out of our town, trying to set friend against friend and helping the world to an end.