Songs For A South Herts Symphony

by Andy Lewis



A selection of songs and musical interludes intended for "A South Herts Symphony", started 2008, shelved 2011.


released March 20, 2014

Written by Andy Lewis.

Performed, recorded and produced by Andy Lewis, except where stated on individual track credits.

Recorded at The Roscoe Street Hit Factory, Black Barn, Farm Factory, Bleakdisco, Survival and Living Room Watford studios between 2008 and 2011.

Remixed for Bandcamp release at The Roscoe Street Hit Factory, March 2014

Thanks to Pete Twyman, Miles Chapman, Simon Calnan, Maeve Leahy, Jess Roberts, Dave Jay, Shirley Lee, Paul Weller, Steve Cradock, Charles Rees, Liz Lewis and Acid Jazz records



all rights reserved


Andy Lewis UK

Andy Lewis plays bass and occasional cello for Paul Weller, The Red Inspectors, Spearmint, Pimlico and some others. He also writes, records, produces and remixes, and DJs wherever there's call for his dusty old 45s. He's released two and a bit solo albums for Acid Jazz records and is planning a third- maybe this year. While we're waiting for it, here's some music... ... more

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Track Name: A 405
Round and round in circles on the North Orbital. You might think you know where you're going, but you're going nowhere.
Track Name: Sunday Club
You look in the mirror and you don't like what you see.
You're like a cat that's scared of its own reflection.
It's just a feeling. You'll get over it and pretty soon you'll realize your potential,
because you're not yet fully grown but what you've got is all your own.
You're like a brand new bag of sounds from Past & Present.

You need an adventure, a scene you can call your own.
So you ride an old green bus down to the Palace, picking through the debris of Saturday night's melee.
The shops are all closed now, but your mind is open.
And all the people in this town and for many miles around who see the world the same way all come together.
And the music gets you high, and the boys will make you cry and Monday morning's just around the corner but no-one wants to think about it now, or the future- so far and yet so near. Uncertainty in every way and getting closer every day.
Track Name: Life On Mars One
It's the triumph of shopping over politics. Because that's the thing about capitalism- essentially it gives you the freedom to be exactly the same as everybody else. Look, they're selling Jam t-shirts in Primark, man. It's all over. But on the other hand, we've got something they can't buy in spite of all their money.
Track Name: Magic Custard
What's the stuff that they all sell that makes you fit and keeps you well?
It's a pleasure and a joy for every girl and every boy.
Not too bitter, not too sweet, it's the perfect thing to eat.
See their faces all aglow. What's the secret? I don't know.

I'm just making up the words like all the prophets do.
Mixing up a melody of love from me to you.

Bring your daughter, bring your son. There's enough for everyone.

It's got sugar, it's got flour, it's got Mother Nature's power.
Don't matter if you're old or young, bring a spoon and join the fun.
Ooh, Magic Custard. It's for me and you.
Track Name: I'm Your Plan
I'm your plan, Baby. That's what I am.
Saturday afternoons playing our favourite tunes on Ida's Cafe jukebox, and a cup of tea.
Rain coming down again, mist on the windowpane.
I loved you and you loved me.
I'm your plan, Baby. That's what I am.
That summer long ago down by the old canal you sprayed our names up on a sign.
You followed your career, and I'm still living here hoping you'll come back and say you're mine.
I'm your plan, Baby. That's what I am.
Wherever you go, whoever you see, you know that he's just a pretender.
It's patently clear you're meant to be here- and if you close your eyes you'll remember I'm your plan, Baby. That's what I am.
Track Name: The Slow Train
Oh, it's been a long time since Johnston missed a header in the final; since aeroplanes touched down at Leavesden Green; since Scammell trucks kept British Leyland rolling; since John the Prospect tonned it past the Dome; since "Hello Angels" and "Soho Sunday Morning"; since meeting up in Hammonds after school.
Sometimes the only way there is the slow train, and sometimes it's better never leaving home.