Rise Up!

by Andy Lewis



released March 26, 2015

Written and performed by Andy Lewis. Featuring Miles Chapman (drums) and Pete Twyman (rhythm guitar) on "Cameron Must Go!" Produced by Andy Lewis. Recorded at Garden Room Studios, Bassetlaw and Farm Factory Studios, Hertfordshire. Mixed at The Roscoe Street Hit Factory, January 2015.



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Andy Lewis UK

Andy Lewis plays bass and occasional cello for Paul Weller, The Red Inspectors, Spearmint, Pimlico and some others. He also writes, records, produces and remixes, and DJs wherever there's call for his dusty old 45s. He's released two and a bit solo albums for Acid Jazz records and is planning a third- maybe this year. While we're waiting for it, here's some music... ... more

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Track Name: Rise Up!
People! Rise up and put the pressure on. We'll send a message to the government-they only have their power with our consent. The right to challenge their authority is fundamental to democracy. People! Wise up! Put the pressure on. Rise up!
Track Name: Cameron Must Go!
Cameron must go! For five long years he's done no good so Cameron must go! Clegg can go as well. His sold out soul Con-Dem'd us all so Clegg can go as well. Get the Tories out. Their brutal cuts have ruined us. Reject austerity, embrace humanity. Think positive. There IS an alternative. Let's save the NHS. In public hands it serves us best. Let's get the Tories out 'cos five more years will ruin us.