by Andy Lewis



A selection of songs written and recorded in a shed in North Nottinghamshire during March and April 2014.


released April 18, 2014

Written, performed and recorded by Andy Lewis in The Garden Room, Bassetlaw. Mixed by Andy Lewis at The Roscoe Street Hit Factory, London.

With thanks to Dick and Janet Lewis, Liz Lewis and Pete Twyman.



all rights reserved


Andy Lewis UK

Andy Lewis plays bass and occasional cello for Paul Weller, The Red Inspectors, Spearmint, Pimlico and some others. He also writes, records, produces and remixes, and DJs wherever there's call for his dusty old 45s. He's released two and a bit solo albums for Acid Jazz records and is planning a third- maybe this year. While we're waiting for it, here's some music... ... more

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Track Name: I Don't Like The Numbers
Just me, just you. Let's be together, lovely girl.
Dark days of autumn feel like heaven when you smile.
Remember days of passion, noises and secrets?
Your destination takes me out of the madness, but I don't like the numbers.

You could be released from the age of loneliness when no words ever seem to break down defences, but you block your heart up with a strange kind of magic.

Please take me home. This hurts. I'm lost in the playground and I don't like the numbers.

You let the humdrum drown you with their deceiving.
New years go by and you're hardly any the wiser.
A house is not a dream whatever the wind blows, and you need nothing of their funeral disguises- and I don't like the numbers.

No, I don't like the numbers.
Track Name: Standing In The Need Of Love
Cheap suit and a wedding band.
Pint of lager in my hand.
Another sad and lonely man standing in the need of love.

I felt my whole world slipping away when she left me yesterday.
Can anybody hear me say I'm standing in the need of love?

Broken down and fooled around, lost and found and almost drowned, driven round and out of town, I'm standing in the need of love.

All the signs I didn't see.
I never thought that I would be a candidate for misery, now I'm standing in the need of love.

What's the point of feeling all this pain when I'm not the one to blame? Ok so maybe I was, but all the same I'm standing in the need of love.

Broken down and fooled around, lost and found and almost drowned, driven round and out of town, I'm standing in the need of love.

See the tears I try to hide; it's the fall after the pride.
Is anybody on my side?
I'm standing in the need of love.
Track Name: A Hundred And Sixty Seven Miles
Eyes that shine with a crystal beam, prettiest face you've ever seen, mind that beats to a different tune- all just ghosts in a dreaming room when she's not there.

Wasting time in a game of days, round and round in an endless maze.
Music's bright and the lights are loud but I can't see a face in a single crowd when she's not there.

Wake up alone and feeling dead, cold and grey in an empty bed when she's not there.
Track Name: Wonderwall
I'd rather go deaf than hear "Wonderwall" ever again. I hate that song, it isn't even in my record collection.

And I'd rather roll around naked in a nettle patch than cast a vote for UKIP at the next election.

And though I am a "striver" I won't vote Conservative either.

Track Name: Revox, Ferrograph, Vortexion
Wind, pause, run, record, load, release and cancel.

Better check the bias, set the spool size, and don't forget the speed. It's slow for speech and 15 IPS for music.

Switch the source to "tape", and dial in some bass and treble.

Keep it reel to reel with Revox, Ferrograph, Vortexion...

Almost forty years hidden in the oxide.

Run it past the heads. Bring the memories to life and see the needles hit the peaks, measuring the volume units.

That's my childhood world you can hear above the tape noise.
Track Name: Glory Boys Forever
We've got the glory forever!